CONTACTS - Danny Anderson Freelance

sound engineer & event creative
Danny Anderson
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As a dual national with full EU citizenship and  passport Danny can travel and work in the EU and the UK without restriction.
Payment can be accepted in Pounds or Euros.
Please email or use the contact form if you want to book Danny as a Live Sound Engineer, for Studio Work or for Event Work.
Also for Midas Mixing Desk equipment hire
MIDAS Mixing Console Systems - Midas Heritage-D  // Midas PRO-X //  Midas PRO-2  //  PRO-1  //  ML32R
DL-231 Stage Boxes  //  DL155  // JoeCo Blackbox Live Recording  // Analogue Stage Patchbay + Boxes + Tails  

 Sound Engineer
 Event Professional
 Studio - Audio / Video - Mixdown / Edit

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